Saturday, February 07, 2009

Managing the Human factor in information Security by David Lacey

I received my copy of David Lacey's new book this morning, just as I was taking the kids out swimming.

I did manage to get as far as the intro, though, and I'm looking forward to getting stuck in properly later.

A few years ago in my more sheltered world I thought I was the only person that realised that most IT problems, and especially security, were due to human factors (aka 'the idiot behind the keyboard'). Then I discovered his blog and I realised I wasn't going mad and that other people also realised about the 'Human Factor' (just not the staff and managers I was working with at the time!)

Now as an IT trainer I try and get this across to all my students, whatever course they're on, in the hope that there may be less 'idiots' out there in the future.

Anyway, I'm off to read more of the book and I'll try to post more comments here later.

The Book;
Managing the Human factor in information Security by David Lacey

The Blog;
David Lacey's IT Security Blog


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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Reading lists

In response to Wulf's blog and his current reading list posts, I thought I'd post about what I'm currently reading - as if anyone cared ;-)

I've just finished 'Wyrd Sisters' by Terry Pratchett on my current re-read of his Discworld books. Unfortunately, I've reached the gap on the bookshelf where some books are missing. I want to keep reading in order, so that is on hold until i get chance to visit the library.

In the mean time, I've switched back to my QI book. Same idea as the TV show - basically lots of the stuff that people often get wrong (urban myths etc) and that pedants like myself love to know eg the fact the Henry VIII only had 2 wives, lemmings have never jumped off cliffs, ostriches never bury their head in sand etc etc !!